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The studies phase of the greenhouse and developing Exir Zanjan Agroindustry Greenhouse Complex in its first phase started in 2014. Initially, a green house for vegetables and summer crops was established in 5000 square meters; with Gothic structure and Spanish model designs. The greenhouse was equipped with the modern day cooling, heating and irrigation systems through industrial automation design. Currently, hydroponic strawberry, Gavita type is grown in the greenhouse. It must be mentioned that 25 persons work directly and indirectly at this production unit by this daily cultivation.this is noteworthy that exir zanjan the agro _industrialcomplex holds the first ISIRI(institute of standardsands and industrial research of iran) certificate for cultivating high _quality and healthy products and consuming the allowed amount of polluants license for the first time in iran on 1395.12.16

this manufacturing co is also honored to be selected as the premier manufacturer of Zanjan province in 1396.


The greenhouse structure is designed based on Spain standards. The columns are 80 in 80 box type, in 4.5 meters height and 6.10 meter crown height, German compound curve. The cooling system of the greenhouse is fan and pad; the walls are two-layer polycarbonate coat and the ceiling is UV plastic. The greenhouse is equipped with energy saving curtain system which prevents excessive sunshine in summer and loss of warm air of the greenhouse in winter. The cultivation bed is vase with cocopeat  and perlite. The water transfer to each vase is done with dripper system and macaroni tubes. The automation system of the greenhouse has the capability to be connected to automatic and local modes based on PCS7 programming; where the entire control commands are done automatically based on type and time of cultivation. In addition, the greenhouse irrigation is done by an industrial automation system; and the irrigation system works based on CEPEX Spain irrigation sets system, made of five stocks, four stocks of them  have allocated code and one stock doses the operation acids; which are performed in automated form by the programming; pumped towards the greenhouse and ultimately, the produced solution is directed to plant root via dripper and macaroni tubes

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About Us:

Exir Zanjan Co is the holder of the first Standard Cultivator in Iran and the Standard Certificate of cultivating Quality Certificate of Yacil Yaprak Company as (Healthy and Pure Product).


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